FCM Arquitetura
FCM Arqui+e+ura

About us

The firm was founded in 2010 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, with a branch in France. The team works with methodology in order to create environments that facilitate creativity and renovation of its use. Our architecture reflects not only the technical view but also the influence of the needs presented by its users.

FCM Arquitetura believes that through a massive study and diagnosis made about the society, is capable of changing the urban landscape and its variations, using the architecture properly. It can influence behavior. Those are some of the principles that the team believes in the creation of their projects. The strategy for any project aims and concern about the space, being able for adaptation, serving as an environment that generates improvements around its surroundings, and overcomes paradigms and its limits.

The firm's priority is to develop and solve the challenges presented in the architecture real use determining it in its functionality, without giving up the conceptual and refined design. With a project guideline focused on sustainability, it becomes one of the columns to define projects in all ranges, embracing since the architectural designing method, constructive and cultural method until the choices of high performance materials.

The projects development has a contemporary view in its concept and is based on the practical functionality of architecture in its application. In all scenarios, the team sets different priorities, but that does not mean that the effects should be less relevant to a design of a house or a bridge. "We believe that it is often necessary to leave the architecture silent to exalt and relocate the nature in its prominent place", says the architect Felipe C. Martins, president of FCM Architecture.


Prêmio Saint-Gobain XI Grande Prêmio de Arquitetura Coorporativa Top Empreendedor 2015 1º Prêmio Top Placo 2013