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Casa Movimento

When developing Casa Movimento project, the architect Felipe Martins started to work in the idea based on the thought that the structure should follow the idea of a creation that inspires, from the outside in, since it was a sustainable project located in a nature reserve in Barra da Tijuca, Western Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Regarding this aspect, the architect highlights: "We believe that, sometimes, it is necessary to silent the architecture in order to relocate and exalt the nature in its proper place."

The house, before our intervention, used to have a colonial style, full of dark rooms and low lighting. Therefore, the place has received a large skylight promoting a natural lighting and technical lighting. In this project, it was highlighted the soft and delicate straight lines that induce various angles, ideas of light and shadow, creating a sense of movement, as the title of the project describes.

The residence was designed for a couple who wanted open spaces, destined to parties and gatherings: "It was a request from the residents that influenced our decision. Lots of spaces were specified for leisure, reading and recording studio. A special designed area for entertaining friends and for meditation."

As a roof garden with12 meters (39 feet), 22 Surinam cherry trees were planted to welcome, from the stairs of access to the roof, who passes by. The mirror hall leads to the main hall, with the option to a side entrance, decorated with a vertical garden and wooden benches.

  • Contemporary architecture, minimalist containing brazilian traits;
  • Green roof with the type of grass able to withstand the changing climate and optimizes its maintenance cycle;
  • Large lounge which favors the transit of persons in festivities;
  • Sectorization of each room by using different types of floors and colors;
  • Meeting areas divided by demolition wood decks;
  • Gourmet area with pizza and barbecue oven.
Prêmio Saint Gobain
XI Grande Prêmio de Arquitetura Corporativa
1º Prêmio Top Placo 2013
Casa Movimento