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FCM Arqui+e+ura

Casa Ponta

A house which its composition has glass as main structure. This material composes much of the work, aiming to bring clarity of daylight into the room.

This mirrored wall, the balconies of the house become viewers in that capture natural scenes from the external environment. So the whole building is guided by the idea of seizing the scenes that can be seen through the windows.

The contemporary layout was influenced by the surroundings and prepared to form altarpieces which would help to cut the landscape, like frames, bringing the best to be seen from the outside.

  • Natural ventilation system which enables to cool the interior, even at high temperatures;
  • Architecture which follows the line of sustainability: use of natural energies and use of land instead of cement;
  • House on three blades - social, intimate and access - it follows a natural movement in which every room is integrated.
Casa Ponta