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Casa Potira

This project is located near a nature reserve in Joah, West Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The owners have requested a light aspect of brazilian architecture and contemporary features, with no influence to the landscape of the place.

It has a privileged position because of the ocean view and being surrounded by native forest (Atlantic Forest). The house features also a very soft structure as if it is touching the ground.

Therefore, it was proposed to replace the covering by glasses of high performance in order to interact with inhabitants and provide access to the surrounding views. It can be said that the house comes down to a structure and pillars of white reinforced concrete, and suspended walls like a brise soleil function.

All accesses of the house create a viewing spot over the internal paths, and the coverage has become a rainwater pickup, used as a recreational area and inspiration as well as being a nice space for entertaining friends.

  • Roof constructed on the upper patio, containing a pool, suspended by concrete, with glass on the side;
  • Free spaces for meetings which are presented as observation decks and rainwater collectors, fulfilling a model of sustainability.
Casa Potira