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Curva 3

The curve 3 was thought to be a versatile office environment, the headquarters of a multinational company. According to the customer's request, three environments were created from the same area. The central room is destined to informal meetings, and the other to confidential conferences and small dinners.

All the old walls were removed to give the space a linear and contemporary impression. With straight lines, the office tries to reflect the clarity of a project created to inspire comfort and organization.

  • Acoustic materials coat all the environments in order to maintain the confidentiality and the comfort;
  • The use of coating technology to make the most efficient meeting places;
  • Specific light installed in each of the rooms;
  • The design traces follow the same concept of contemporary and minimalism;
  • Finishings which maintain the softness in colors.
Prêmio Saint Gobain
XI Grande Prêmio de Arquitetura Corporativa
1º Prêmio Top Placo 2013
Curva 3