FCM Arquitetura
FCM Arqui+e+ura


An environment which the proposal had no windows. This challenge gave birth to the project Eixo, located in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro City, made for the corporate area.

At this location, there was the need of a space in order to be reproduced, by ilumination, a connection to the daylight. In addition, it was necessary to create a reception area and a passage way which were completely acoustic and which translate modernity and comfort.

  • Use of acoustic diffusers in order to ease the sound reflections of the room;
  • Design thought from the axis already proposed by the existing building structure;
  • Space which has as main characteristic the neutrality, despite having lots of types os accesses;
  • Conforto visual gerado por uma luminotécnica aplicada.
1º Prêmio Top Placo 2013