FCM Arquitetura
FCM Arqui+e+ura


The project was designed to be a building facing a training sports center, where the sectors are connected by walkways which create a great line, a tape that unfolds on the surface.

Being a horizontal building, it rests on hills in which seems to float on the training grounds.

Its internal structure includes a great open room for meeting people and presents a gym for common use. From the gym, it is possible to see the whole field, as it possesses glass walls that allow extensive contact with the daylight and the outside area.

The project also includes an open area able to become a gazebo for those who wish to enjoy the view or watch some sport event held on the courts. The project ultimately aims to be a legacy for the Brazilian people as a center for teaching and coaching sports.

  • Natural lighting;
  • Leaning front which captures the incidence of light and wind as a form of sustainable energy;
  • Use of the underground temperature to generate power.