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Hotel Speculum

Speculum was designed to be a spa with a single frame per suite by platform.

Its initial proposal was to respect the environment, integrating the landscape. Thus, the rooms of this hotel are suspended over the water, and at the roof was used similar vegetation found in the living environment, without ruin the present flora and maintain a balance table between the architecture and nature.

The design creates a dialogue from the outside to the inside - from the external environment to the interior of the suites - enabling a silent environment of meditation. Not only the landscape appreciation becomes the hotel but also creating a place for the inner search, where the customer can take advantage of rest and peace.

  • Sustainable structure, enabling the hotel as an efficient project for all consuming requirements;
  • 100% reuse of water and energy;
  • Lightweight construction, prefabricated facilitating the implementation and maintenance;
  • Self-cleaning technology materials, regulating the maintenance.
Hotel Speculum