FCM Arquitetura
FCM Arqui+e+ura


For the creation of such a refined design, it was used unique materials, which manufacturing process was different from those normally used in a construction. Thus, we have reached a high style rigor with unique finishing touches.

This distinction also happens for one thing which defines this work as special and makes it contrast with the others - the rooms have art made in stone. An interesting example of this work is the bathroom covering, gently molded with mother of pearl. Such material was imported from a workshop that manufactures piece by piece, by hand, in southern Greece, generating the name of this project: Náctar.

Another important feature of this work was the main covering of the house, which is an italian Calacatta, made in the same Italian workshop, which produces parts for Vatican. The choice of these raw materials was intended to create a soft atmosphere within each environment and indirect lighting, also, it has been made the choice of a security creation by brazilian designers.

  • Acoustic treatment in order to make up the use of stones as a coating and screen-printed glass, optimizing the comfort of each room;
  • The entire apartment has a specific air conditioning system to the private collection of the owner;
  • Creation of an automation system to control light and ventilation.