FCM Arquitetura
FCM Arqui+e+ura


A school project in which the ceiling resembles a paper sheet, where its folds, its lines and delineation refer to this material, used in the creative activities of a school.

This project was destined to a kindergarten area for children of elementary school. Because it is a segment whose age has the child as the main character. It was thought of having an interactive and full of colors proposal.

With movable walls and linear color screens, the project reflects the intention of a playful nature, proper for this age. The colors are also used as an example of what composes the project, which reproduces the childlike joy.

  • Use of materials with acoustic treatment that give comfort to the space, including the nurseries;
  • Specific light for each room, according to the educational needs and the students' well-being.
1º Prêmio Top Placo 2013