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Pavilhão ITA

A building in the midst of natural landscapes of the atlantic forest and the sea, located on the green coast of Rio de Janeiro. The project functions as a building that rises above the ground, presenting itself as a natural viewpoint, influenced by the horizon.

This was a project created to contemplate theaters, amphitheaters and auditoriums, as well as common areas where people can enjoy a natural landscape.

The Italy Pavilion is assembled from large beams and pillars that form a symmetrical layout, running a repetition of movement, follow the trajectory of architectural form of musical notes, sound bars.

It draws attention to clarity that spreads through the environment reflected on white floor and walls. In addition, there is an amphitheater, on the ground floor, which was designed as a large internal square for presentations and debates, punctuated by native trees of the region in respect to botanical segment.

An information that cannot be dismissed is the presence of a green roof, where the regulars can breathe, relax and enjoy an outside party, surrounded by plants which adorn the structure.

  • System which captures energy and ventilation;
  • Suspended dining area, with shared spaces dedicated to performing arts and literature;
  • Windows which open for air entrance (intelligent ventilation technology).
Pavilhão ITA