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Templo Origine

The proposal was to design a chapel for such a special scenary as Parque Estadual Do Sumidouro, Minas Gerais, whose landscape did not need any human intervention. It is a cozy nature reserve in the Bacia do Rio das Velhas, 37 kilometers from Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais.

With the definition of Parque Estadual do Sumidouro, the construction of a tourist reception in Gruta da Lapinha and an archaeological museum with pieces discovered in the region, the city intended to become a new tourist spot in Minas Gerais. For this, as well as actions for tourism, the city was developed as a Master Plan which organized the work in the urban areas and an economic planning for the next 20 years. Thus, these large projects would contribute as landmarks to cities and all around.

The starting point for designing this ecumenical appealing chapel, were already proposed with conditions by the local nature. We had the challenge once again, not to touch the landscape of an ecological park and to respect their biomes. Thus, it divided the project with an outside part, symbolizing the temple itself, and a submerged structure. Of course, the project bows to the sky reflecting in the mirror watercourses. Therefore, it creates respect as a location of reference.

Finally, this is a church that points and opens to the sky. Contact with God is not done only by the people of faith who will be there, but also because its structure that communicates with the divine in a creative way. Containing a large cross that stands beside the temple Origine, it surprises by its grandeur and for its complex plot lines composing the top of the cathedral.

  • Access and levels which indicates a natural hierarchy of religious system, offering a sense of equality and acceptance of all who visit its interior;
  • The tower, which seems to be resting on the water, being a natural light receptor creating the main hall of the temple;
  • Cross of 132 meters high which marks, in an enlarged scale, with the position of a dialog with nature and all.
Templo Origine