FCM Arquitetura
FCM Arqui+e+ura


A trapeze shaped temple. That was the concept to a religious task, located in south zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro, structured with perfect harmony regarding its architectural concept, its acoustic guidelines and lighting design.

Due to the project requirements, the architecture should promote sound and light for the rooms, since the structure bears four thousand people, who should have full visibility of all parts of the temple and in addition, having the privilege of the comfort.

So the temple could have its structure respected, FCM Arquitetura thought about designing this project using a geometric shape. On this matter, the architect Felipe Martins highlights: "All our focused studies, including the angles of each point of the temple have resulted in a designing form of a trapeze. This base becomes crucial as it facilitates the full view of the stage without losing in number of seats and in comfort for the environment. In fact, this line gives movement throughout the body of the temple and at the same time it doesn't lose the neutrality."

Another important matter which was necessary to be checked was the visual contact in all parts of the temple. This detail was marked by technical lighting of vertical palettes and other mechanisms, similar to a studio on a large scale: "The greatest care to be taken regarding the lighting was preserving the space with stage lighting and it was completely adapted for every moment of usage of the temple for reading, recording images and theatrical atmosphere of events", says Felipe Martins.

There was also a matter that should be successfully observed: the acoustic of the place. In order to optimize the sound system, the temple was built on a strong basis, regarding the absorption, which enables a differentiation of all sound types, bass and treble. The walls were lined and tuned with materials such as liners and plates, creating a light structure and contemporary traces.

  • Basis in geometrical shape and balanced lighting;
  • Use of hitters and diffusers molded by high durability materials and strict finishing touches;
  • Acoustic materials present in the stage gap area, with special coatings and high technology, balancing the absorption of noise and reverberations.
Prêmio Saint Gobain
XI Grande Prêmio de Arquitetura Corporativa
1º Prêmio Top Placo 2013